xD Russian Effect Volume Lashes

The newest revolutionary technology for lash enhancement

What are xD ''Russian Effect'' Volume Eyelash Extensions?

xD lashes is a sustainable volume eyelash technique developed in Russia that is now spreading to the USA and Europe. Several ultra-lightweight lashes are applied to each individual lash in a way that does not excessively strain the natural eyelash.

Why do you call them xD Lashes?

Different companies/salons have called similar techniques by different names; 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, even 7D and 8D have been seen recently. So to save all the confusion, we call these new lashes xD, because the actual number of lashes used varies from lash to lash. The ‘x’ standing for the numbers, or multiple.

What are the Benefits of xD Lash Extensions?

The main benefit of xD Lashes is natural-looking volume, and lots of it. These lashes make a huge difference to clients with naturally sparse lashes. One-on-One application on ladies with sparse lashes can end up looking ‘spidery’ and unnatural. Lengthening already thin lashes can accentuate the distance between them and make the lashes seem even further apart. The majority of clients are looking for a boost in volume as well as length and the xD treatment does this like no other procedure.

Another welcome advantage of xD Lashes is lightness and strength. Thinner lashes flex more easily and place less strain on the natural lash and glue bond, using less weight on the lash making them feel lighter and more comfortable.

If you are attaching so many lash extensions, doesn't it harm the natural lashes?

No. There is a mathematical equation to prove that this technique puts no more, and in some cases less, strain on the natural eyelash. By calculating relative lash weights and bond area for eyelash extensions of the the same length and curl profile it became clear that this technique is actually lighter and stronger than one-on-one extensions.

How long does it take to do a set of xD Eyelash Extensions?

A full set is going to take anywhere between 2 and 4 hours. Most of the time it will be 3 hours but this will vary from person to person. If the clients eyes are quite big, or small, if that person has very fine or very thick lashes, it’s going to make a difference. But don’t worry, you will be tucked up in a very comfortable bed with a duvet and heated blanket if you want it. And we can always stop for a break if you feel like it. Everyone always falls asleep during the treatment so the time will fly.

Why are the xD Lashes more expensive?

Well firstly, it’s so worth it.

The lashes are the finest, highest quality faux Mink on the market.

The treatment takes longer than a regular set of individual lash extensions.

Because multiple lashes are used on each natural lash, I am using up to 10 times the amount of stock that I would normally use on a regular set.

Some celebrities paying up to $1000 for these lashes, so don’t feel too bad about it. You’re worth it 😉

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